Microsoft Hatred FAQ

Alan Connor i3x9mdw at j9n35c.invalid
Wed Oct 19 09:10:55 CEST 2005

On comp.os.linux.misc, in <l9p923-eqi.ln1 at>, "Michael Heiming" wrote:
<body not downloaded>

This is your 7th post on this thread, Michael.

You spend a lot of time griping about trolls. Maybe you should
consider not feeding them, you stupid hypocrite.

To all the shit-for-brains trolls that are polluting these groups
with this crap, which I haven't even bothered to read:

I've killfiled every one of your aliases here, and I'm sure that
they aren't the first of your aliases I've killfiled and that
they won't be the last.

I don't hate M$, I LOVE Linux.

As for what YOU punks think about it, I couldn't care less.

Aren't your Mommys coming home soon? You know what will happen
if she finds you playing with her computer again.....



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