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Mike Meyer mwm at
Mon Oct 10 04:06:34 CEST 2005

"Clint Norton" <Ido.Yehieli at> writes:

> Well,
>     I though about it but I'm looking for something a little more
> interesting then bug fixing...

Bug fixing is an easy way to start learning the code and providing an
immediate contribution to the project. As for interesting - you gotta
pick the right buggs :-).

> Anyway, wouldn't it be to difficult to get into a huge project like
> python itself? Wouldn't it be a better idea to walk into a project that
> only have a few developers in it?

Depends on what you mean by "get into". Learning your way around part
of the project is going to be the same no matter how big the project
is, though the parts may be smaller. Becoming a contributor is going
to be about the same no matter how big the project is - most project
will accept patches from pretty much anyone. Becoming a key figure in
the project - yeah, that's harder for larger projects. I can't really
help with that.

>     I was thinking of the mozilla calender project (which is usfull and
> i think is the smallest mozilla project) but I'm not really into c++.
> Maybe I should take a look at some of the modules I've used and see if
> I can help there.

How does that relate to comp.lang.python (as if I'm one to complain
about off-topic posts here...)?

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