Microsoft Hatred FAQ

Keith Thompson kst-u at
Sat Oct 15 05:41:13 CEST 2005

"kasimir.g at" <kasimir.g at> writes:
> Hm... What does this have to do with Perl?
> Why did you post this in comp.lang.perl.misc?

He posted this in comp.lang.python, comp.lang.perl.misc,
comp.unix.programmer,, *and*
comp.os.linux.misc because he's a troll.

I wish I could say that he'll go away if we ignore him.  I can say,
however, that ignoring him will minimize his impact.  In the past, his
rants have led to long rambling arguments across multiple newsgroups,
none of them relevant to any point that might be made -- which is
probably exactly what he wants.

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