Problem with py2exe

David debl2_nospammy at
Sat Oct 22 06:34:48 CEST 2005

David wrote:
> I am unable to use py2exe to create an executable, even on the simple 
> sample that comes with the package.  There seems to be a problem when it 
> is copying files.  The ‘build’ and ‘dist’ directories are created and 
> populated, but there is no executable created.  The error message says:
> returned exit code: can’t copy c:\Python24\Lib\sit
> I am running on Windows XP with distribution 2.4.2 and executing the 
> from Pythonwin Build 204
> I downloaded py2exe from sourceforge the version of py2exe for Python 2.4
> Can anyone suggest what may be wrong?
> Thanks in advance
> David

OK, I was a bit hasty in posting.  I am now able to create the 'hello' 
executable, but am still puzzled.  By going into the windows 'cmd' 
window and executing Python from the command line, the py2exe build is 
done properly.  But when I do the execution of the from the 
Pythonwin prompt I get the failure originally reported.  Is it possible 
to run py2exe from Pythonwin?


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