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>>> Eventually the hope is that your OS and browser
>>> will become the only means of accessing the internet. And if your OS
>>> and browser are the only way to access the Internet, who in their
>>> right mind would use another system?
>> It's not happening, so what are you talking about? Any developer
>> hoping the above has no clue what he/she is developing.
> What happened is irrelevant to what the desire was of M$ when it set
> out to take the browser market away from Netscape. When you control
> the OS market and make your browser a tied component of it and to the
> benefit of yourself only, you limit the ability of anyone else to
> compete. 
> I'm still waiting for you to enlighten the rest of us as to the real
> reason, though.

The same reason why Google is into IM, GMail, WIFI, and many other things. 
And Apple into music, phones, you name it. Just don't bet on one horse.

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