Confused with module and .py files

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Oct 5 10:57:26 CEST 2005

"Iyer, Prasad C" wrote:

> How would I use it if I declare it as given below in my 3rd class
> from import *
> from import *

thats a syntax error; I assume you meant

    from import1 import *
    from import2 import *

which simply doesn't work if you need to access things that happens
to have the same name in both modules.

it's like typing

    a = 1
    a = 2

and then asking how you can access the original 1 via the "a" variable.

so unless you know *exactly* what you're doing, you should *never*
use "from import *" -- unless you're using a module that someone else
wrote, and the documentation for that module tells you do use it.

see for more on this.

(see other replies for how to do what you want in a way that actually


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