Microsoft Hatred FAQ

Peter T. Breuer ptb at
Sat Oct 15 20:02:16 CEST 2005

In comp.os.linux.misc John Wingate <johnww at> wrote:
> Peter T. Breuer <ptb at> wrote:
>> In comp.os.linux.misc Jeroen Wenting <jwenting at hornet dot demon dot nl> wrote:
>>> Without Microsoft 90% of us would never have seen a computer more powerful 
>>> than a ZX-81 and 90% of the rest of us would never have used only dumb 
>>> mainframe terminals.
>> Uh - when microsoft produced dos 1.0, or whatever it was, I was sitting
>> at my Sun 360 workstation (with 4M of RAM, later upgraded to 8M),
>> running SunOS 3.8 or thereabouts.

> Peter, if you are serious, and not just pulling our legs, your memory is
> failing. 

Well, it might be a bit off. I am talking about 1986.

> MS-DOS 1.0 came out in August 1981; SunOS 3.0 in February 1986.

Seems about right. 

So what version of msdos was around at that time? Obviously I didn't
use it!

> Sun Microsystems was incorporated (with four employees) in February 1982.
> There never was a SunOS 3.8.  (SunOS 3.5 was succeeded by 4.0.)  And I'm

It seems to me that I was using 3.x. Maybe it was 3.1? I seem to
remember an earlier major ... was there a 2.8 or 2.9?

> not sure what you mean by "Sun 360"--a Sun 3/60, maybe?

Seems likely. I recall it as a Sun 360m. "Monica" by name, following
the cpu serial number, mncaxxx (or something close). "Sun 3" definitely
rings a bell.


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