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Sun Oct 9 13:34:31 CEST 2005

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
>     "Unlike mainstream component programming, scripts usually
>     do not introduce new components but simply "wire" existing
>     ones. Scripts can be seen as introducing behavior but no
>     new state. /.../ Of course, there is nothing to stop a
>     "scripting" language from introducing persistent state -- it
>     then simply turns into a normal programming language."
>         -- Clemens Szyperski, in "Component Software":

That description seems to describe whatever is written more than 
whatever it is written in, or in other words, it describes the 
difference between a script and a program, not between a scripting 
language and a programming language.

I think that at one time, scripting languages was something that lived 
within other programs, like Office, and couldn't be used by themselves 
without running it inside that program, and as thus was a way to add 
minor functions and things to that program.

Nowadays a lot of the scripting languages have turned programming 
languages so I think the difference is small.

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