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Mike Meyer mwm at
Mon Oct 10 02:54:18 CEST 2005

"Clint Norton" <Ido.Yehieli at> writes:
> Hi all,
>     I'm a student currently in the beginning of my master's degree and
> I'm searching for an interesting open source project written in Python
> to contribute to.
>     I have worked as a programmer for the past few years (mostly in
> academia but also as a typical full time code monkey in a commercial
> company), some of it in python, some in Java (commercial companies
> really seem to like Java).
>     Anyway, which python projects would be a good start? I generally
> like working on algorithmic parts or "Business Logic" and really don't
> like doing interface work. The software I like producing has a tendency
> to make use of the random and/or math modules, if that says something
> about the nature of the work I've done... I really want to give
> something back to the community I've taken so much from in the past.

Well, if there's some software you use on a regular basis, that's a
good start. Python itself is a candidate. If the goal is just to
contribute, start going through the bugs database, and see if you can
contribute patches that fix some of the reporrted bugs.

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