Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Oct 10 08:58:43 CEST 2005

Shi Mu wrote_

> There are four points with coordinates:
> 2,3;4,9;1,6;3,10.
> How to use Python to draw one perpendicular bisector
> between (2,3) and (4,9);

the same was as you'd do it in any other computer language ?

once you know the algorithm, implementing it in Python should be
trivial.  maybe you should look for some geometrics site/group first ?
(sci.math or alt.math.recreational and their associated FAQs and
archives might be good choices)

(your questions do look a lot like homework assigments, btw.
are you sure they're not homework?  or if they are, that you're
supposed to have others do you homework for you?)


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