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Sat Oct 15 09:07:11 CEST 2005

"Jeroen Wenting" <jwenting at hornet dot demon dot nl> wrote:

> no, they got their by clever marketing and generally having a product
> that was easier to use for the average user than anything the
> competition made and a lot more powerful than other products created
> for their main target market.

I agree with the first part of your sentence, the rest is BS of course.

> Without Microsoft 90% of us would never have seen a computer more
> powerful than a ZX-81 and 90% of the rest of us would never have used
> only dumb mainframe terminals.

More BS of course.

> IBM's prediction that there would be 5 computers (not counting game 
> computers like the Comodores and Spectrums) by 2000 would likely have
> come true. 

Yeah, sure, and we all would be living in caves.

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