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Fri Oct 21 19:23:42 CEST 2005

I have a problem that I have to solve programmatically and since HTML
is pretty much the only code I have been exposed to I need an advice on
how to develop the programmatic solution to the problem I have.

In the nutshell, it'd be great if you can give me guidance in terms

1)	What programming language to use
2)	What development tools to use
3)	Tips on how to code the solution

So, here is my challenge:

I have a flat text file, 30000 records, each record has two columns,
the columns are tab separated.

The file looks like this (approximately)

Sarajevo	431104-133111
Mostar		441242-133421
Zagreb		432322-134423

The first value is a name of a town, and the second value represent
longitude-latitude in degrees, minutes and seconds.

For each record I have to create an html file that will be named as the
name of the town (i.e. Sarajevo.html). The content of the file will be
rather simple; in the first row it will contain the header (i.e.
"This page displays longitude-latitude information") - The second
row will have the following word: "Grad" - and the third row will
contain the name of the city and the fourth row will have the
longitude-latitude info.

The program also needs to prompt me (before it starts spitting the html
pages) and ask what test should be entered in line one (I would than
manually enter "This page displays longitude-latitude information")
and it also need to prompt me about the text that should be entered in
line two (I'd go and manually enter "grad").

I'd greatly appreciate any coment and/or guidance.


Vasilije Petkovic Vasa

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