Microsoft Hatred FAQ

David Schwartz davids at
Tue Oct 25 09:44:17 CEST 2005

"Peter T. Breuer" <ptb at> wrote in message 
news:2n3133-19g.ln1 at

>>     Essentially, Microsoft asked for exclusive arrangements. That is,
>> arrangements wherein you could not sell competing products if you wished 
>> to
>> sell Microsoft products. That's not even remotely unusual.

> It soitenly is, stanley. In case you hadn't noticed, the shops sell
> more than one kind of washing powder.

    Your argument is nonsensical. Because you can find one category of goods 
that don't have the property I'm talking about it follows that the property 
is unusual?!

    Operating systems are not like washing powder at all. Try to sell both 
Big Macs and Whoppers in one store. Heck, try to sell Craftsman tools 
without being a Sears. Microsoft gets to decide whether they sell their 
operating systems software like washing powder or like burgers, not you.

> Please stop this shillism.

    If you could produce a strong argument, it might make sense to accuse me 
of shilling.


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