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>>>     Yes, it certainly is. However, it is also Microsoft's right as a 
>>> seller
>>> to refuse discounts to those who also sell competing products. You may 
>>> not

>> No it is not their "right"! That would be a discriminatory practice,
>> not to mention an anti-competitive practice. Totally.

>     Businesses have the right to be discriminatory and anti-competitive in 
> this way.

No they don't. I'm simply open-jawed at such a statement.

> McDonald's won't sell a Burger King their burger patties. 

McDonald's are not in the business of wholesale distribution of burger
patties so your statement is simply sited in the wrong universe of
discourse.  Coming back to the current universe of discourse, I assure
you that a McDonald's director can go into a Burger King and buy a
burger like anyone else, so no discrimination.  Mind you - I'm not sure
if they'd let Ronald in.  He's obviously dangerously nutty.

> his is 
> both discriminatory and anti-competitive,

It's neither. It's simply not part of their business.

> but also perfectly legal, moral, 
> and proper.

Dalse assumptions, hence invalid conclusions.

>     You only run into a problem under United States law if the company is a 
> monopoly. And I've already addressed that issue in this thread.

If MacDonalds were wholesale suppliers of hamburgers to the
distribution trade, then they couldn't discriminate among their
customers for the purposes of altering the competitive nature of the
market in hamburger sales to you and me across the counter.  Companies
have been sued for trying that - sports shoe manufacturers, I seem to
recall.  They've tried to make sure their shoes are sold only by
specified outlets at specified prices, in order to artificially manage
the market.  That's illegal.  Sued they got (or perhaps "suede").


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