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>Yes. It is called "eyes". I look at the image, and miracle upon miracles,
>I recognise Johnny wearing a hat.

Even for a limited application like children's birthday parties
captions could say things like:

Johnny with this friend Pete, the one I told you about who has

Here is Johnny opening your present, the sweater you knitted him.

If you want to communicate with text and with pictures obviously there
are times when you want to communicate with both text and pictures.

Imagine a main sending emailed floor tile samples to his wife on a
business trip for her final veto and not being allowed to caption

The point I can't pound enough is that rich text and pictures with
captions are not INHERENTLY dangerous or spam. (Note that the most
common spam is the Nigerian con and variants which comes as a
non-formatted message.) Many have mentally linked rich text with
danger and spam because of Microsoft's incompetent email software. The
solution is to fix the software not block everyone from communicating
with rich text and pictures.

You don't have to use Outlook.  see
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