So far

Michael Schneider michaelschneider at
Thu Oct 6 18:33:38 CEST 2005

Take a look at:

It is only $35.00 for an IDE. (30 day free eval version)

I use eclipse for java, and have become quite fond of tab completion.


CppNewB wrote:
> I am absolutely loving my experience with Python.  Even vs. Ruby, the syntax 
> feels very clean with an emphasis on simplification.
> My only complaint is that there doesn't appear to be a great commercial IDE 
> for the language.  I've tried Komodo, etc and they are nice applications, 
> but they don't feel like they give me the "power" like a Visual Studio or 
> Delphi (I wish I could articulate better the differences).    Finding a 
> descent GUI builder has been a challenge as well.  Most of them have support 
> for Dialogs, but what about more complex UI's?  I may need a resizable frame 
> within a resizable frame? I haven''t found a GUI builder with a great feel 
> yet.
> Other than that, my experience has been wonderful.  Even after my 
> complaints, I plan on sticking with Python for a while. 

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