Nicer way of strip and replace?

Markus Rosenstihl mrosenstihl at
Tue Oct 11 23:34:21 CEST 2005

I wonder if i can make this  nicer:

In my case a list is created from a bill which is a tab seperated file 
and each line looks like this:

"Verbindungen Deutsche Telekom vom 03.08.2005 bis 
10.08.2005"	"ISDN"	"Deutsche Telekom 
AG"	"Rufnummer"	"123456789"	"3"	"Verbindungen zu T-Mobile      
AktivPlus xxl sunday"	"19483"	"19"	"0,1719"	"3,27"	"16"

I create the list in the following way:

rechnung_raw=open('filename', 'r').readlines()

for line in rechnung_raw:
	the_line=string.split(line, '\t')

Now, I have a loop which does basically:

for element in anotherlist:	 #anotherlist contains line numbers
	euro=euro + float(string.replace(string.strip(rechnung[element][10], 
'"'), ',' , '.'))

I replace commata with dots, then delete leading/trailing "s then add 
to a sum after converting it to a float.
This looks ugly (I htink)  and I wonder if there is a nicer way to 
strip commata and change the comma to a dot already when reading in.
Or should i do it with a shell script before processing in python?


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