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>>    They have obligations to their clients because (and only because)
>>failure to provide the services they contract to provide will result in
>>lawsuits and harm to the shareholders. All other obligations come from the
>>harm these failures will do to the shareholders.

> That's the view of Republican, but it is not the only view.  Some
> might say the law trumps that. It does not matter if breaking the law
> would be more profitable, you still don't do it.

    Did I say their obligation was to secure their shareholders as much 
profit as possible? I said their obligation was to their shareholders.

    I am only continuing this off-topic thread on newsgroups that probably 
don't want it because it is a basic principle of fairness that a false or 
distorted comment deserves an rebuttal anywhere that false or distorted 
comment appears. However, it doesn't deserve a full debate anywhere except 
where it's on-topic.


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