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> A company figures out something is wrong with one of their new models.
> They have two options. They can repair the problem or they can leave
> it as is and brace the laswsuits that will likely follow. An analysis
> shows that the first option is likely to cost more than the second.
> As far as I understand you, the company should ship the faulty model.

    It is impossible to respond to this with anything shorter than many 
pages. Google for "prudent predator" if you want all sides to this question. 
The short answer is "maybe".

    To the people who think that you obviously shouldn't, ask them the 
following hypothetical: You have a million pounds of grain. Destroying it 
will probably cost at least ten lives due to starvation. The grain, however, 
is contaminated, and selling it will likely make ten people sick, of which 
three will probably die. Should you destroy the grain?

    You do have an obligation to the shareholders not to commit fraud in 
their name.


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