semi-newbie module namespace confusion

Andrew Gwozdziewycz apgwoz at
Tue Oct 4 13:12:18 CEST 2005

> well, in my opinion python is not trying hard enough. to me it is
> immediately obvious that the main module gets evaluated twice and
> i am rather sure that one could introduce some magic of the kind
> "oh, i reevaluate the main script here, the module does not get filled
> the usual way but uses the existing objects instead". this would have
> to happen on a very low level (when the file i just read from is  
> known)
> but i think it would be possible. whether the effort to do so is worth
> it, is a different question...

There is an easy fix to this situation, and it's called creating a  
new script that imports the modules. If it's truely a module (which I  
guess really everything in python is), it probably should only be run  
by itself for testing purposes only.

>>> Now i wonder how difficult it would be to "correct" the behavior?
>> there's no way to "fix" it without introducing a huge number of  
>> inconsistencies.

Plus, it's not broken to begin with.

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