Problem splitting a string

Anthony Liu antonyliu2002 at
Sat Oct 15 06:52:07 CEST 2005

I have this simple string:

mystr = 'this_NP is_VL funny_JJ'

I want to split it and give me a list as

['this', 'NP', 'is', 'VL', 'funny', 'JJ']

1. I tried mystr.split('_| '), but this gave me:

['this_NP is_VL funny_JJ']

It is not splitted at all.

2. I tried mystr.split('_'), and this gave me:

['this', 'NP is', 'VL funny', 'JJ']

in which, space is not used as a delimiter.

3.  I tried mystr.split(' '), and this gave me:

['this_NP', 'is_VL', 'funny_JJ']

in which, '_' is not used as delimiter.

I think the documentation does say that the
separator/delimiter can be a string representing all
delimiters we want to use.

I do I split the string by using both ' ' and '_' as
the delimiters at once?


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