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Fri Oct 28 03:41:28 CEST 2005

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>>> There's a huge difference to the non-techy consumer.  One of the
>>> buggest reasons Linux has had a reputation of being harder to use
>>> than Windows was the fact that Linux had to be installed, while
>>> Windows just booted up.

>> Is that really true? I mean, I remember distributions of Linux that you 
>> could just stick in the CD, boot from CD, and you were up in minutes. 
>> Installing was as simple as pushing the 'install to hard drive' button.

> But picture that, when this was less true, you wanted to buy a machine 
> with the newest-whizbang graphics card or disk controller.  For Windows, 
> the manufacturer would make sure the proper drivers are installed and 
> configured.  For Linux, you the consumer had to find a driver, install it, 
> configure it (the phrase "drive geometry" sticks in my head) and deal with 
> the lack of useful feedback if anything goes wrong.

    That's a really good point.


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