Installing Python at Work

Matt Feinstein nospam at
Mon Oct 17 19:36:45 CEST 2005

On 17 Oct 2005 08:12:35 -0700, "Nikola" <tsaparas4life at>

>I'm currently learning Python for my own use.
>I'm considering installing it on a work laptop, knowing that it is
>non-licensed, distributable software.
>However, does it access communication ports?  I know the company checks
>their ports regularly for activity.
>I won't be doing anything very serious; I'm just trying out Python,
>learning the basics from 'Learning Python' by O'Reilly.

Python installations are pretty benign. Note, however, that when you
install additional modules, you are trusting the module writer.

For locality, you can do a completely local Python installation in
Linux, and generally speaking, additional modules can be installed
locally as well. Under win32, the standard binary installer makes a
registry entry which is checked when additional (binary) modules are
installed. I don't think there's any other 'non-local' behavior.

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