socket.error: (32, 'Broken pipe'): need help

Jeremy Jones zanesdad at
Thu Oct 27 17:57:36 CEST 2005

Junhua Deng (AL/EAB) wrote:

>I have a simple server-client application with threading. It works fine when both server and client on the same machine, but I get the following error message if the server is on another machine:
>... ...
>    self.socket.send(outgoingMsg)
>socket.error: (32, 'Broken pipe')
>I do not know where to start with? 
Can you tell if the recipient actually got any of the data?  At what 
point do you get this error?  Is the client able to connect to the 
server?  Could you extract some more code (connection made, the sender's 
sending code, receiver's receiving code, etc.) so we can see what you're 
doing?  Did you happen to tell the server to bind "localhost" or

- jmj

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