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Wed Oct 19 00:03:05 CEST 2005

"Robert Hicks" <sigzero at> wrote in message
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> I need to pull data out of Oracle and stuff it into an Excel
> spreadsheet. What modules have you used to interface with Excel and
> would you recommend it?

What does one use to bind Microsoft libraries to Python?
I think it would be "win32com" and I confess to not having used it.

Best bet would be to use Microsofts ADODB library together with Excels own
CopyFromRecordset function. Using ADODB, you can easily create a connection
to an Oracle server.  You would use this to stuff an ADODB.Recordset object
with query results.  Once you have your recordset stuffed with query results
you can pass it to the Excel "CopyFromRecordset" function:

    Worksheets("Whatever").Cells(1,1).CopyFromRecordset  {recordset object}

and wham!  - You have it in a table on a worksheet.

Thomas Bartkus

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