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John Bokma john at
Tue Oct 18 20:02:53 CEST 2005

Eike Preuss <mail at> wrote:

> John Bokma wrote:
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>> I see little difference with other big companies. You're right that
>> there is no excuse for such behaviour, but if MS isn't doing it,
>> another company will take their place.
> And if companies are allowed to behave this way (because of your
> 'nice,fatalistic' argument), this will never change.
> Showing companies that you don't excuse such behavior would include
> not buying there products, using other products, whatever. To say that
> they are just playing the evil part that somebody *has* to play, is to
> excuse their behavior, IMO.

If you think you can direct the development of human behaviour by not 
buying a Microsoft product, be my guest. I rather waste my time on other 
things. I think your "this will never change" is wrong, but it certainly 
will not change in my lifetime, and I doubt if this kind of human behaviour 
is going to change in many centuries to come.

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