TK question

MBW matt.walsh at
Fri Oct 21 07:00:31 CEST 2005

thank you very much,
I have one more question that is tk related,  I've use tkfileopendialog
or whatever that name is to select files is there also a dialog for
creating files,  well not really creating them but allowing the same
look and feel as many porgrams give for saving files?  is there also a
way/dialog whereby a user can specify a directory (if the application
wanted to save multiple files into a 'project' folder)

Thanks agian for the quick and accurate response to my first question,
a small follow-up.. is it considered bad style to include main
methods(and if  __name__== "__main__") in all user defined classes, I
realize it's usefulness when testing individual classes.

thanks very much

Totally aside PyDEV is so much better then trustudio it runs smooth and
isn't such a resource hog..  not to mention free

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