Boost.python mingw install on XP

fqueirolo at fqueirolo at
Wed Oct 5 00:00:26 CEST 2005

Hello all I am trying to install boost.python on my XP box.

Boost: 1.33.0
Python: 2.4.2 (Final)
MinGw: 4.1.1

I try:

"--prefix=D:\Dev\boosttarget" "-sTOOLS=mingw"
"--with-python-root=D:\Dev\Python24" "--with-python" install

from a DOS command prompt.

D:\Dev\boosttarget is an existing directory
mingw/bin is in my System path
D:\Dev\Python24 is my python root
My pexports output: Python24.a is in C:\WINDOWS\system32

The bjam output is:
*** If you don't need Boost.Python, you can ignore this section  ***
*** pass --without-python to suppress this message in the future ***

skipping Boost.Python library build due to missing or incorrect

couldn't find Python.h in "c:/tools/python/include"

You can configure the location of your python installation by setting:
PYTHON_ROOT    - currently "c:/tools/python"
PYTHON_VERSION - The 2-part python Major.Minor version number (e.g.
                 "2.2", NOT "2.2.1")  - currently "2.2"

The following are automatically configured from PYTHON_ROOT if not
otherwise set:

    PYTHON_LIB_PATH       - path to Python library object; currently
don't know how to make install
...found 1 target...
...can't find 1 target...

I can give you any other system or set up parameters. BTW I specified
where my python root is so I have no idea why it can't find Python.h!

Thank you very much,

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