IDLE dedent/unindent key bindings for non-us keybord?

gjohannes at gjohannes at
Sun Oct 2 17:52:53 CEST 2005


I use Idle 1.1.1 on Python 2.4.1.

The "Ctrl-[" and "Ctrl-]" key bindings for indenting do not work on
non-us keyboards where brackets are accessed by the "Alt Gr" key.

The Tab key seem to work for indenting a selected textblock on my
swedish keyboard, but Shift-tab does not dedent as you would have

If I try to redefine key bindings in "options->Configure IDLE->Keys" so
that Shift-Tab is bound to dedent, things seem to get really weird.

After creating a "Custom key set"
- the "Ok"-button does not close the options window, I have to use
"Cancel" to get out.

- Tab does not longer indent selected text, but replaces it with a tab
character instead.

- Shift->Tab does nothing.

- F5 for Run module does nothing

and so on.

What could be wrong here, and do you have any other suggestions for a
"dedent" key binding that may work on a non-us/swedish keyboard (or
maybe an alternative editor for python code).


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