Where to find python c-sources

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Tue Oct 4 02:12:45 CEST 2005

Michael wrote:
> John J. Lee wrote:
>>You believe that Tor is dumb enough not to think of searching for
>>"socketmodule.c" when, um, searching for socketmodule.c?
> He said he had tried google - OK, not in the first post but early in this
> thread -  I don't equate that with being dumb - just dumb luck :-)
> Message-ID: <dhj7m5$18j8$1 at news.uit.no>
> After all Peter Hansen suggested the search terms "python socketmodule.c"
> rather than just "socketmodule.c"
> Message-ID: <5N-dnZny3YyaA6HenZ2dnUVZ_tKdnZ2d at powergate.ca>
> To you the obvious search term was "socketmodule.c" which to me simply means
> you're more aligned with Google than Tor :-)

Sorry, but this defense is less than weak.  Using "python 
socketmodule.c" you actually get the right answer as the third result, 
while with the even-more-obvious-to-a-rookie "socketmodule.c" you get it 
as the *first* result.  It would perhaps be fun to experiment to see 
just how hard it would be to use "socketmodule.c" plus anything else and 
*not* get the result one was looking for. ;-)  (note the wink...)

Clearly "Tor" did not try searching Google with two of the most obvious 
results, but I think at this point he should be considered to be soundly 
thrashed over the matter and we can all move on.  This isn't getting any 
more interesting...


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