Python reliability

Ville Voipio vvoipio at
Sun Oct 9 22:00:04 CEST 2005

I would need to make some high-reliability software
running on Linux in an embedded system. Performance
(or lack of it) is not an issue, reliability is.

The piece of software is rather simple, probably a
few hundred lines of code in Python. There is a need 
to interact with network using the socket module, 
and then probably a need to do something hardware-
related which will get its own driver written in

Threading and other more error-prone techniques can
be left aside, everything can run in one thread with
a poll loop.

The software should be running continously for 
practically forever (at least a year without a reboot).
Is the Python interpreter (on Linux) stable and
leak-free enough to achieve this?

- Ville

Ville Voipio, Dr.Tech., M.Sc. (EE)

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