Installing Python at Work

Jaime Wyant at
Mon Oct 17 17:22:23 CEST 2005

The python interpreter doesn't do anything other than what you tell
it.  That is, the standard python installation does not install any
`secret programs' that run in the background.

Like most tools, Python is as benign as it's user.  However, unlike
most tools even benign users can be powerful.  Wow, I just stated
somewhat conflicting statements ;)


On 17 Oct 2005 08:12:35 -0700, Nikola <tsaparas4life at> wrote:
> I'm currently learning Python for my own use.
> I'm considering installing it on a work laptop, knowing that it is
> non-licensed, distributable software.
> However, does it access communication ports?  I know the company checks
> their ports regularly for activity.
> I won't be doing anything very serious; I'm just trying out Python,
> learning the basics from 'Learning Python' by O'Reilly.
> --

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