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On Sun, 9 Oct 2005 21:53:52 +0200, "Dr.Ruud" <rvtol+news at isolution.nl>
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>Don't think that that is true for everybody. For example not for people
>that are behind central filters that already cope with common spam.

The variants of the Nigerian spam are getting cleverer and cleverer to
get though the filters.  I can't always immediately recognise them. No
wonder the spam filter gets fooled too.

We victims of spam collectively are about the silliest of victims
imaginable. We provide a FREE service to the spammers to torment us
with. WE SUBSIDISE THEM.  It costs them almost nothing to send a spam,
and even at the weakest response percentages they still make money.

It is almost like providing ladders and setting out cookies and milk
for the burglars.

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