XML Tree Discovery (script, tool, __?)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Wed Oct 26 09:13:09 CEST 2005

eric.pederson at gmail.com wrote:

> just namespace + tag

here's an ElementTree-based example:

    # http://effbot.org/tag/elementtree
    import elementtree.ElementTree as ET

    FILE = "example.xml"

    path = ()
    path_map = {}

    for event, elem in ET.iterparse(FILE, events=("start", "end")):
        if event == "start":
            path = path + (elem.tag,)
            path_map.setdefault(path, []).append(elem)
            path = path[:-1]
            elem.clear() # won't need the contents any more

    for path in path_map:
        print "/".join(path), len(path_map[path])

given this document:

            <title>chapter 1</title>
            <title>chapter 2</title>

the above script prints

    document 1
    document/chapter 2
    document/chapter/title 2

the script uses universal names for tags that live in a namespace.  for
information on how to decipher such names, see:


hope this helps!


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