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>>    Do you think it would be immoral if Microsoft said, "we will only sell
>>Windows wholesale to dealers who don't sell other operating systems?"

> I had an existing independent business. I was not as though I were an
> MS franchise. They imposed this extortion well into my business's
> life.  My choice was comply or go out of business.

> It was not as if I had a choice of sell Hondas or sell Kias if I did
> like the franchise deal.

    Okay, I give up. As far as I can see it, there are only two realistic 

    1) There is no other operating system worth selling. In this case, you 
are right, you have no choice but to sell the Microsoft OS, but the deal 
they're offering you harms you in no way. (Unless you intended to sell PCs 
with no OS at all.)

    2) There are other realistic competing operating systems. In this case, 
you were foolish to agree to Microsoft's deal. You lost out on the realistic 
competing markets. That is, unless Windows only really was a better deal, in 
which case you were wise to take the deal and have no reason to be upset.

> To my way of thinking what MS did was similar to a the only magasine
> wholesaler in town telling retailers it had to sell kiddie porn under
> the table or pay full retail for all magazines.

    Of course you pick an analogy where MS analogically peddles kiddie porn. 
I can play the same game, watch this: What MS did was similar to the major 
magazine wholesaler in a town telling retailers they must carry gay and 
lesbian publications if they want to carry its mainstream magazines.

> I broke my own ethical code rather than go out of business. I will
> never forgive MS for putting me in that position.

    You certainly have a legitimate personal grudge against MS.


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