Typing tutor help script needed, please

Anno Siegel anno4000 at lublin.zrz.tu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 28 21:13:25 CEST 2005

Throw <throw at workmail.co.za> wrote in comp.lang.perl.misc:
> G'day everyone!
> I would like to design typing tutor exercises for Afrikaans (and other
> languages possibly).  This is for a GPL project.  For this, I need a
> script that can extract words from a long list of words, based on which
> letters those words contain, and write then write output to a file.
> Does anyone know of an existing script for this, or can anyone write me
> one, please?

For the letters a, d, f and g:

perl -ne 'print if /^[adfg]+$/' < /list/of/words > words_with_adfg

For other combinations, change both occurrences of "adfg".

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