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Mon Oct 31 18:06:08 CET 2005


I have a gui application where I am trying to use the asyncore module to
gather data from other computers. I am able to connect, but I am getting
constant handle_write_event method calls into my application. It is
obviously slowing down the gui processing significantly.

My understanding is that the handle_write_event and handle_read_event are
both edge notifications and I should just get the method call essentially
just once.

I think the problem is how I have my loop() call configured. All I am trying
to do with the code below is to open the socket (that works) and then
receive a single handle_write_event method call. Instead, I am getting
constantly barraged with them.

I have tried several different types of the loop() call (using poll,
timeout...) but with no luck. If anyone can explain what I should be doing
to get a single handle_write_event call until I actually write something to
the socket (which my code is not presently doing yet), I would appreciate

Below is some code showing what I am doing:

class Connection(asyncore.dispatcher):
def __init__ (self, server_name, port_num ):
self.message_queue = []

self.create_socket( socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM )
self.connect(( server_name, port_num ))

def handle_read_event( self ):
print "handle_read_event received"

def handle_write_event( self ):
print "Asking for a write"

if len( self.message_queue ) > 0:
# Pop the first message off the queue

class TestApp:
def __init__( self, server_name, port_number ):

self.nomad = Connection( server_name, port_number )

Output ends up being a constant stream of:
Asking for a write
Asking for a write
Asking for a write
Asking for a write
Asking for a write
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