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>>>>No, it's a recommendation, an advise, nothing else. Otherwise they
>>>>would call it a standard. Why do you think W3C calls it
>>>>recommendations? Because it are no standards. There is an ISO HTML
>>>>standard though, but when people babble about HTML standards they
>>>>talk about W3C *recommendations*.
>>> What do you think the Internet is based on?  RFCs.
>> Yup, I know. Hence no standards.
>> Like I said: there is ISO HTML, and there is a w3c HTML 4.01
>> recommendation. The former is a standard, the latter is a defacto 
>> standard.
>> For some the difference does matter.
> What matters in generating HTML is which browsers you want to support
> and what they understand.  Standards and recommendations are both
> irrelevant. 

So how do you develop a browser? I assume you have some experience with 
programming, or is that trial and error programming? Hack until it 

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