Scope problem with nested functions.

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Wed Oct 12 18:33:00 CEST 2005

I'm having trouble resolving a scope problem. I have a module, called
from another script, with this structure:
def parseFile(file, myLocation, defaults):
     # initialisation.
     ccyMappings = {}
     def getCcyMappings()
          global ccyMappings
          # read values into ccyMappings.
          ccyMappings['CAN'] = ['CAD'] # for example.
    def mapCcy(myCcy):
        if ccyMappings.has_key(myCcy):
            return ccyMapping['myCcy']
            return myCcy   
My problem is that, although the ccyMappings dictionary is populated
within the def getCcyMappings() function, the value goes to 'None' when
I leave it and so is not available when the mapCcy function is called.
I've used the global scope declaration successfully before, but not with
nested functions like this, admittedly.
Any assistance gratefully received.

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