Looping Problem (Generating files - only the last record generates a file)

vasilijepetkovic at yahoo.com vasilijepetkovic at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 26 10:49:04 CEST 2005

Hello All,

I have a problem with the program that should generate x number of txt
files (x is the number of records in the file datafile.txt).

Once I execute the program (see below) only one file (instead of x
files) is created. The file created is based on the last record in

The program is as follows:
#!  python

HEADER = "This page displays longitude-latitude information"

for line in open("datafile.txt"):

    town, latlong = line.split('\t')

f = open(town + ".txt", "w+")

f.write(HEADER + "\n")
f.write(SUBHEADER + ": " + town + "\n")
f.write("LAT/LONG" + ": " + latlong + "\n")

# end

The datafile.txt is as follows (tab separated columns):

NYC	1111-2222
Lima	3333-4444
Rome	5555-6666


Once executed, the program will create a single file (named Rome.txt)
and it would not create files NYC.txt and Lima.txt as I would expect it
to do.

I'd appreciate if you can pinpoint my error. 



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