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>    2) There are other realistic competing operating systems. In this case, 
>you were foolish to agree to Microsoft's deal. You lost out on the realistic 
>competing markets. That is, unless Windows only really was a better deal, in 
>which case you were wise to take the deal and have no reason to be upset. 

The actuality at the time was the vast majority of my business was
Windows.  People would ask about OS/2 and when they asked around town
and discovered because of the MS dirty deal it cost way more, they
lost interest.

I could not have made a living selling only OS/2.  It is was a very
difficult business to survive in as it was and I was already at a
disadvantage because of my insistence on not cutting corners the way
my competitors did.  Every once in a while I run into one of my
machines I built back in the early 90s still going without a hitch
over a decade later.

I don't think I could make it clearer.  What MS did was wrong and I
will to my dying day curse them for it.  If I were a Christian, I
would put it this way. The pressured me into selling my soul.

They did not tempt me into it. They threatened to destroy my business
and my livelihood if I did not knuckle under. That is extortion.

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