Microsoft Hatred FAQ

Mike Meyer mwm at
Mon Oct 17 06:17:03 CEST 2005

John Bokma <john at> writes:
> Which standards? Again: w3c is not an official standards organization.
> Moreover, Netscape added LiveScript, oh wait, I mean JavaScript, and the
> *cough* blink element. 
>> By contracting with sites to include non-standard IE features to
>> deliberately break NS.
> NS also added features to HTML.

Yup. When NS was the 800 lb gorilla on they acted like MS, and did
whatever they thought would be best for their bottom line, never mind
ethics, legality, morality, the effect it had on their users, their
business partners, or the web as a whole. People bitched about NS back
then. Some of us predicted what would happen when they tangled with
MS, which had - and has - much more experience at this game.

Now that NS is no longer the 800 lb gorilla, they can see the
advantages of interoperability, and try and implement the same
languages that everyone else does. It would be funny if I didn't have
to live with the aftermath.

"Everybody else does it" is not a defense for criminal behavior. On
the off chance you haven't heard, two wrongs do *not* make a right.

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