Has anybody used cx_bsdiff?

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Tue Oct 25 17:04:26 CEST 2005


I am trying to use cx_bsdiff 
(http://starship.python.net/crew/atuining/cx_bsdiff/index.html) to to 
make a diff and patch some files.  It appears that I can make the diff, 
but when I apply the patch, the result is not the same.

As far as I understand the documentation, I am using this correctly. 
Can anyone help me find what is wrong in the code below?

Thanks.  Please reply to the list.



import bsdiff, bz2
import cPickle as pickle
from filecmp import dircmp

def diffdir(comparator, basepath=''):
     return [os.path.join(basepath, fname)
             for fname in comparator.diff_files]

def descend(comparator, basepath=''):
     print 'Examining "%s"...' % basepath
     yield diffdir(comparator, basepath)
     for subdir in comparator.subdirs:
         subname = os.path.join(basepath, subdir)
         subcmp = comparator.subdirs[subdir]
         for subresult in descend(subcmp, subname):
             yield subresult

def compare_all(orig_dir, fix_dir):
     patch = {}
     comparator = dircmp(orig_dir, fix_dir, [])
     for diff_list in descend(comparator):
         for diff_file in diff_list:
             orig_fname = os.path.join(orig_dir, diff_file)
             fix_fname = os.path.join(fix_dir, diff_file)
             print 'Making diff of %s...' % diff_file
             orig_data = open(orig_fname, 'rb').read()
             fix_data = open(fix_fname, 'rb').read()
             dl = len(fix_data)
             ctrl, dblock, xblock = bsdiff.Diff(orig_data, fix_data)
             patch[diff_file] = (dl, ctrl, dblock, xblock)
     print 'Done.'
     return patch

def fix_all(tofix_dir, patch):
     for fname in patch:
         orig_fname = os.path.join(tofix_dir, fname)
         print 'Fixing %s...' % orig_fname
         datafile = open(orig_fname, 'rb')
         orig_data = datafile.read()
         fix_data = bsdiff.Patch(orig_data, *patch[fname])
         datafile = open('%s-fixed' % orig_fname, 'wb')
         os.rename('%s-fixed' % orig_fname, orig_fname)

def save(object, filename, protocol=-1):
     compressed = bz2.BZ2File(filename, 'wb')
     compressed.write(pickle.dumps(object, protocol))

def load(filename):
     compressed = bz2.BZ2File(filename, 'rb')
     object = pickle.loads(compressed.read())
     return object

def make_patch():
     orig_dir = raw_input('Original Directory: ')
     fix_dir = raw_input('Fixed Directory: ')
     savepatch = raw_input('Save result? (y/n): ')
     if savepatch == 'y':
         patchname = raw_input('Patch file name: ')
     else: savepatch = ''
     patch = compare_all(orig_dir, fix_dir)
     if savepatch:
         save(patch, patchname)

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