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What kind of programming do you do, Len? I'm by no means an expert Python
programmer but I could look over a few of your programs anyway.

I'd reccomend to always try to challenge yourself. Don't just program
something one way just because it's all you know. Take 20 minutes now and
then to learn a new skill even if it breaks old coding habits.

Perhaps a simple anecdote would illustrate this. My first year programming
Python I was always building strings as:
str1=var1 + 'greg' + somethingelse + "more chars" + anothervar

However I always saw everyone else doing:
str1="%s greg %s more chars %s" % (var1,somethingelse,anothervar)

But I always figured it wasn't worth learning and my style was just fine!
Finally one day I got curious and took the 20 minutes and learned how the
formatting operaters work. It's really helped my programming and just made
my programs more intuitive. And I find it more attractive to see the whole
string almost as it will end up instead of broken up by '+'s everywhere.

I'm sure there are lots of examples of little things like that, that you can
pick up here and there.


On 12 Oct 2005 18:44:26 -0700, LenS <lsumnler at uniqueinsuranceco.com> wrote:
> Hello
> Was wandering if there is any place where some one could go to get
> mentoring on python coding. I have started coding in python but I am
> the only one in the shop using it. So there is no one around to look
> over my code give suggestions on improvement, in style, logic, easier
> ways of doing things etc. I am not really looking for hand holding as
> much mentoring. I have purchased about every python book out and have
> a list a mile long on my internet bookmarks. I believe I have a good
> grasp of the fundamentals procedurally and I am fighting my way through
> OOP. I am more at the stage of trying to pull things together into
> programs that perform real world tasks. At one point I thought I saw
> some place on one of the web site that did this kind of thing but I
> can't find it now.
> Any help or suggestions welcomed
> Len Sumnler
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