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Claudio Grondi wrote:
> "Kenneth McDonald" <kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net> wrote in
> news:mailman.2032.1129236372.509.python-list at python.org...
>>Thanks for reminding me of Gtk. OK, add that to the list.
>>The Web Browser interface is good for simple things, and will get better
>>with CSS2's adoption, but they still don't have a good way for important
>>things like interactive styled text, key bindings, etc. Good for
>>simple things
>>(for which I use them), not for more complex stuff.
> I don't fully understand your attitude here. The Web Browser interface has
> all I can imagine is required for a GUI, so what is missing when you
> consider, that you can generate custom images on the fly on the server and
> let the user shape the page without requesting CPU power from the server
> using JavaScript.

In this case then, I'm afraid the failure is in your imagination :-)

> I don't even name here the not really beeing itegral part of Internet
> Browsers JavaApplets and any other kind of plugin stuff.
> The only issue I can see with this approach is the speed of responding to
> user interactions, but for really optimize this one needs a compiled
> language anyway.
> What is that complex, that it can't be solved using an Internet Browser as a
> GUI?
> Do I miss here something?
While you are correct in saying (I paraphrase) that HTML interfaces 
nowadays can offer a rich graphical interface, it can be quite difficult 
to manage state maintenance between the two components (web server, web 
client) in the system.

A "proper" GUI runs all functionality inside a single process, and 
allows much easier control over complex interactions, creation of 
dynamic dialogues, and so on.

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