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Steven D'Aprano <steve at> wrote:

> On Sun, 16 Oct 2005 00:47:09 +0000, John Bokma wrote:
>> Ok, let me spell it out for you: If all your applications are web
>> based, and the OS shouldn't matter, why do Linux distributions
>> matter? It doesn't matter which one you use to run, for example,
>> OpenOffice. Yet people pick a certain distribution. Why? Well, one
>> reason is that people like to belong to a group. So even if it really
>> doesn't matter which OS you are going to use to access a web
>> application, or even which browser, people will pick a certain
>> browser, and a certain OS, just because. 
> Dude, do you think that Microsoft gives a rat's tail[1] for what a
> handful of computer enthusiasts and geek programmers pick?

So you missed the point again. 

> They want
> to control the business world, and believe me, corporations don't pick
> the OS of their computer because they want to join a community, they
> pick the OS that lets them run the applications that their business
> needs to run.

So basically you're saying that even if web based applications become 
the shit, everybody keeps running Microsoft? So I am right :-)
> Operating-system independent browser-based applications threaten the
> ability of Microsoft to tie that choice to Windows.

Ah, sure, you really think that a business is going to run office 
applications on a web server? Are they already moving to Linux with 
OpenOffice (free as in speech?).

> That is why MS
> decided to bundle IE with Windows and (try to) kill off Netscape as a
> competitor. 

So and when exactly do we see the web based office?

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