Hrvoje Blazevic hrvoje at
Wed Oct 5 08:57:26 CEST 2005

petercable at wrote:
> If you are compiling python and you want to build idle/tkinter, you
> need to have the development packages for tcl and tk. The python build
> scripts will only build tkinter should they find the libraries
> ( and and the header files (tk.h and tcl.h).
> If you don't have the development packages installed, you most likely
> do not have the header files.
> If you install the development packages and recompile, test by
> importing _tkinter. If that is successful, idle should run just fine.

After installing new versions of Tcl/Tk, python compilation did work. 
What is surprising is that although Python is bundled with most (all?) 
Linux distros, Idle does not work on most???

-- Hrvoje

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