how to modify text in html form from python

Philippe C. Martin pmartin at
Sat Oct 22 01:39:31 CEST 2005

Mike Meyer wrote:

> "Philippe C. Martin" <pmartin at> writes:
>> I feel fairly stupid ... but to my defense in the past 17 years of
>> coding, i've only spent 3 days looking at web stuff:
>> I now can understand how "writing" to an existing form field from a cgi
>> script might not work: how would the browser know ?: unless there is a
>> very sophisticated scheme there (as those used in image transfer), I
>> assume the complete page would have to be sent back: so might as well
>> regenerate/rewrite everything.
>> Yes ?
>> I so, I'm back to finding a way for a browser plugin and a server based
>> cgi script to exchange information.
>> Any idea welcome... I know I don't want to open another socket/port but
>> stick to http:80
> Then you're out of luck. You can't even depend on their being an open
> http connection available to use when the plugin runs. The browser may
> well do: Load all data. Close connections. Render page as far as we
> can. Launch code objects that we loaded.
>      <mike
But the plugin "opened" the connection:     var l_w =,"");


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