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Micah Elliott mde at
Thu Oct 6 18:31:50 CEST 2005

On Oct 06, tjue1 at wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck with this? Im trying to compile python 2.4.2 on
> Slackware 10.1 into one large executable. One which contains everything
> required to run python (as static). So python doesn't look for
> dynamically shared objects like
> I have tried ./configure --disable-dynamic
>                          --enable-dynamic=NO
>                          --enable-static
> However the executable size is always the same :/ Please assist.

ldd is your friend for seeing the dependencies.  I see what you mean,
though.  I'm no autoconf expert, but AFAICT this was not an intended
feature.  My attempted grok of the Makefile also supports this theory.
And I don't see any of the options you specified as being valid.  Using
"--disable-shared" also doesn't affect "python", but does appear to make
libpython static, but I think it is regardless.  You can force the issue

   $ ../configure ...
   $ make LDFLAGS=-static
   $ ls -l ./python
   -rwxr-xr-x  1 mdelliot support 2888818 Oct  6 08:06 ./python
   $ ldd ./python
   not a dynamic executable

But this gives some import warnings, and running has some problems...

Then I found these, indicating that it is easy ;-)

It might be nice to have an autoconf option to make this more obvious
for guys like us.  Maybe this is just a rare need.

Micah Elliott
<mde at>

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