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>>> Part of their behavior really escape me.  The whole thing about
>>> browser wars confuses me.  Web browsers represent a zero billion
>>> dollar a year market.  Why would you risk anything to own it?

>>     It really isn't that hard to understand that web-based
>>     applications that
>> work in any browser on any OS threaten to make it irrelevent what OS
>> you're running.

> And it's even easier to understand that your statement is nonsense.

    To you, if you don't understand it.

> It doesn't matter which Linux distribution you pick, all use the Linux
> kernel. On all I can run OpenOffice, and get the same results. Yet people
> seem to prefer one distribution over one other.

    Right, and that's what Microsoft wants to avoid. They wants to make sure 
people *have* to choose a Microsoft operating system to get their 
applications to work. He doesn't want most applications to work the same on 
all operating systems. MS was afraid the browser would replace the operating 
system in the sense that it would be the target platform for applications.

>> MS has a strong interest in making sure it's important
>> to be running on one of their OSes.

> Maybe *they* do have a point :-).

    Well, they have their vision of the future of computing, and you can bet 
all things made by Microsoft are at the center of it.


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